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Early on, it is critical for organizations to plan for cloud readiness with a complete phased approach in mind. This entails Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2 or in layman’s terms Define, Implement, and Operate.


A Day 0 Cloud strategy should include a 6-18 month roadmap which outlines key deliverables and success criteria for all phases. Folks at BMC Global Services have had the privilege to help our customers develop many of these roadmaps. Day 1 is always the focus.  Day 0 make sense and folks come to the conclusion quickly that they need to define what they want to build before they build it, but Day 2 in some cases gets overlooked or pushed aside. The common comment is “we will deal with Day 2 when we get there – and that’s a big if!”  Ignoring Day 2 implications for too long will potentially suffocate the return on investment potential.


Listen to the podcast from Alan Chhabra, Senior Director, Cloud Consulting Services, as he discusses the major considerations and implications of a Day 2 strategy.