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Did you catch the RSS podcast feed this week? It's been several years since we have shared a new podcast from Wiley Vasquez, Global Leader of Proactive Operations Services business at BMC Software -- so be sure not to miss this one.


In his podcast interview, Vasquez offers insight to the questions that drive customers looking at Application Performance Management.


For customers seriously looking at Application Performance Management, Vasquez reviews and explains why a business should consider Rapid Results Consulting Services.   "Rapid Results - it’s really eliminating the business disruptions ... so your register workers don’t have to tell customers that the computers are running slowly," states Vasquez.


With Application Performance Management becoming a hotter item in IT, the user experience becomes the number one focus in ensuring that the applications are there, available, and performing well.


I encourage you to tune in and take a listen today-- Wiley Vasquez on Rapid Results Consulting Services and Application Management Operations