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Many enterprises hesitate to outsource critical business services to the cloud due to concerns about security, availability, and performance.  As a trusted information service provider in more than 150 countries, Harris Corporation must address the compliance needs of diverse clients in many industries.


Specifically, their cloud offerings must comply with strict and diverse legislation as well as government, industry and security standards.


A best-practices approach was taken by Harris towards developmentof an enterprise-class cloud system, including enlisting expertise of BMC for a successful transition to cloud management.


The result, Harris Trusted Enterprise Cloud is a next-generation cloud system engineered from the ground up to deliver thehighest levels of performance, availability, and security including patentedtrust technologies. Harris Trusted Enterprise Cloud includes components of the BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite to control and support change managementtools that minimize downtime. Implemented with BMC Consulting Services support,the Harris Trusted Enterprise Cloud sets a new benchmark for cloud systems inboth government and commercial spaces.


A strategic component of Harris’ Trusted Enterprise Cloud comes from BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management solution. Through its innovative and automated management capabilities, BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management helps Harris accelerate provisioning, optimize ongoing operations, and provide continuous regulatory, operational, and security compliance.


Consistency and quality--core to Harris manufacturing principles—were critical to the deployment of cloud services. Using the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management administrative portal, the Harris IT staff creates Service Blueprints which are models that speed service design and map to the service catalog. A self-service portal offers clients access to the catalog where they can select,configure and implement cloud services within the infrastructure.


Additionally,Harris chose BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and BMC Server Automation solutions to detect not only impending issues but also unauthorized change as part of its compliance strategy. Continuous monitoring helps the organization more quickly identify and respond to cyber attacks that have been increasingly launched against major enterprises and government entities in the past year including e-mail messages that appear to be legitimate. The remediation process includes automatic removal of the software.


"Trust is vital to the success of cloud computing because unless the cloud provides a better and safer place for computing to occur,people won’t make the shift away from theway they currently handle IT, said Wyatt Starnes, vice president for advancedconcepts at Harris Corporation.


“As we looked at solutions for managing the lifecycle of the cloud, it was clear that BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management was the most flexible and most mature offering available.” Wyatt Starnes,Vice President for Advanced Concepts.


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