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From Kim Wharton, WW Programs Manager, Educational Services


BMC Educational Services Solution Adoption


When I first joined BMC Educational Services, the organization was evolving.  We just launched our Solution Adoption methodology to our customers.  My role was to get the word out within BMC and amongst our customer community. 


For me, this was going to be easy, right?  First, I had to understand how the BMC Education department was organized.  Did you know that our course developers work closely with BMC R&D teams to develop the courses? Also, we have top notch instructors to deliver the courses. 


The entire education team is dedicated to solution adoption.  According to TSIA’s article “Achieving Enterprise Software Success”, the most important factor to realizing value of your software is end user adoption.  That’s where we come in - BMC’s Educational Services Solution Adoption Plan includes four phases:


  • Awareness and Alignment offers pre-packaged Solution Adoption packages for fast adoption implementation
  • Project Team Enablement has role based learning paths linked to certification programs
  • End User Enablement provides education aligned to process and business changes
  • Measurement and Validation will validate adoption rollout with assessments and surveys



As I began talking to our customers and BMC employees, the light bulbs were going on.  Solution Adoption is prevalent in everything we do, why can’t it happen in our IT organizations?  Well, it can because our education sales representatives are capable of going into your organization to prepare an education needs assessment based on our Solution Adoption methodology.  They interview all levels of the organization to gain an understanding of where the group is and where you want to be. 


One way to completely understand Solution Adoption is to look at Apple and the iPad – Apple built an awareness campaign around the iPad and there were lines outside stores and around the corner on the release date – everyone wanted an iPad.  Why can’t this be done with your IT implementation?  Well, it can be.  Just work with BMC Educational Services to gain momentum for your implementation. 


Solution Adoption is all around us from learning to use the functionality of an iPad to learning to get the most out of your BMC solution.  We want to hear from you and how we can help you achieve your goals.


For more information about Educational Services and Solution Adoption, visit us at


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