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If you're a CIO for a rapidly growing retail chain, you had better make sure you can deliver the business impact of IT to the organization. Bruce Ash has done just that repeatedly. He spent about 20 years developing IT infrastructures to support two major retailers --Talbots and Dollar General. During Ash's 10-year stint as CIO with Talbots, the company grew from 175 stores to 900 stores in four countries. On the other hand, Dollar General's explosive growth was like nothing Ash had ever experienced before at Talbots. Ash's nine-year tenure as CIO coincided with the company's expansion from 4,000 stores to 8,000 stores in 35 states. He said, "One year we opened 700 stores and three distribution centers to support the additional stores. Some retailers don't even have 700 stores."  Read More


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