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When I started my career at Blue Ocean Software, Inc. working in tech support for an up and

coming help desk software package called Track-It!, I was like12 - 1.jpg a lot of other new IT professionals of the day. I was looking for the next IT job that could help me climb the IT ladder and become a network administrator. I was studying NT networking at the time and was looking for something to give me more experience. When I was hired, my boss told me that in addition to doing tech support and QA, he wanted me to study NT networking and set up a new NT based network to migrate from our Novell 3.1 environment. I set up our first NT4 domain controller and migrated our users onto that domain and we never looked back. Funny enough, 15 years, 2 acquisitions and a divestiture later, that domain name is still the primary domain for our business unit.


Several years ago, we started a tradition where employees bring in 1 pound of their favorite candy for each of their years of service to share with their co-workers. So as I forge ahead and reflect on my time here over the last 15 years, I will try not to eat too much of the 9 pounds of Mike and Ike's and 6 pounds of Gummy Bears that I brought in for everyone to enjoy.


Hope everyone has a good dentist.