Ha! This is better than I expected! I am watching the looks on the faces of my FRIENDS as they walk by me and my Yard of the Month trophy AND my 2000 square feet of  "Best Paver Porch” beauty. Interesting, they all thought they had me beat.


Dave had contracted with HAL Porch and Pool. They had promised him a fully functional and beautiful MegaPorch in 30 days. Poor Dave, he's still tracking sand in from his stainless grill, the professional services team is still trying to make sense of the new paver shapes and the original plans, the Porch in a Box that shipped had a fixed frame and the new bricks won't line up. Dave even called HAL P&P, and had the lead professional services guy on the phone with him, trying to swap the new bricks with some old bricks in inventory. They were both hung out in the airlock to dry!


Jim had gone to PaverWare. They tout the highest quality pavers and pre-packaged materials, and they advertise adaptability and "time to value". Jim didn't win because his paver porch didn't match the flow and couldn't integrate with the shape of his pool and his grill house. In fact, Jim has to mow and trim between his paver porch and his pool, and when it rains, there is a puddle where the "adaptable" didn't adapt. The real issue was while the pavers and the elements that you need to build a custom paver porch were very high quality, the plans weren't flexible, the pieces were too rigid and not adaptable. He needed more elasticity to match the beauty of his existing yard and pool complex. He was the victim of vendor "lock-in". He has mud on his shoe right now.


Cindy and Jack shopped at FRISCO DIY Yard and Pool. Great materials, good selection of plans, even good in store consultants. They palletize the materials for you and ship and deliver to order. Cindy and Jack were quick out of the starting blocks, but they are still finishing the porch. They actually have big sections of the pavers in place, but they are having to deal with "rework" due to operational issues like drainage and wear and tear due to realities they could have avoided IF they had more flexibility and the ability to design EXACTLY what they wanted during the planning phase. The summer is almost over, and they are still fighting the project. And they are fighting. Sad.


Well, I will tell you the secret. I was outside with my fence gate open when this guy from Best Materials Corporation walked up to me and asked me if I had any yard improvement projects in mind. He had a  laptop with him, I thought that was curious. I told him I wanted to build a BIG paver porch, and I wanted to build it my way. He smiled and showed me a tool on his laptop that walked us through the plan and design process. I was able to decide on a modular implementation. I got to decide what materials would be in each module based the use and the traffic.


I was to able to use different materials in each module where it made sense. His tool even provided plans for each module for me to follow, and an individual pallet for each module was assembled and shipped. I even got the chance to decide which sequence I built the modules in, and which of the modules I built myself. I was able to contract services with his company for the modules I needed plumbing or electrical work for. His approach allowed me to use any shaped pavers I wanted or needed to achieve the specific purpose of each module. And to top it off, not only could I use materials from other manufacturers if I wanted or needed, his integration material, a special hybrid synthesized sand that was very flexible yet could sustain both deflection and modification, was the key . And that hybrid sand allowed the entire set of modular elements to "seem" unified. Both elastic and reliable. I win. Winner! Winning! OOPS. I digressed.


My Princeton grad friend Jim just walked away. He asked me why I selected Best Materials Corporation. He expected me to respond with price, or quality. I said heterogeneity, the wax in his ears melted. Ha!



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