Back in ancient times, BTW I call this period BG, Before Grump, leadership programs and classes were the rage. Like most fads, there were cycles within the cycle. The first cycle was built around inspirational speakers. As a young executive at a progressive early adopter of technology and fads, I met more professional football players and coaches in these leadership sessions than in any other part of my life by far. This was obviously before the salaries and retirement plans for retired jocks was larger than the GNP of Costa Rica. THEN, things changed, and personality tests, like the DISC and Myers Briggs became the framework for these leadership programs.


I was squinting while trying to tie on a lure, and was reminiscing about when I could see without cheater glasses, and it hit me. Companies have personalities, and personas. IN FACT those personas are represented in the mission/vision/value statements, risk appetites, enterprise architectures, and their technology adoption habits. I was working a top water plug and missing some strikes when this became almost cut and dried to me. These personas could include:


  • Evolutionary- Most companies will happily admit they are in the arc of an IT Transformation initiative. To be a “Cloud Evolutionary” is just plain good common sense. In the simplest terms, this means the IT transformation (that began when they moved from punched cards to tape, OR from Mainframe to the “and the AS400”, OR from 2 tiered CLIENT/SERVER to N-Tiered with Web presence, OR???) will continue in a studied/planned/programmatically executed/governed strategic way to include private/public/hybrid Cloud tactical elements.
  • Revolutionary- Some companies will admit they are revolutionary companies, some won’t. Just a part of “branding” in some stodgy old verticals…the truth is that unless the company has ELIMINATED the informal buyer, or has an IT Executive Council with real span and control, there are at least revolutionary currents in all companies. For this discussion, these are companies that want to “turn it up”, with little or no planning or analysis occurring before the capacity or the capability is “turned up”. These companies still have CIOs and CFOs and CCOs (usually), so eventually they will have to bridge the ambition and innovation with the corporate governance requirements, eventually.
  • Cloud Newbies- I know….I considered “Greenfield”, but that is a town in New Jersey I don’t want to visit again. They have ZERO current Cloud activity, either formal or informal (those mavericks ain’t here Elmo!). They typically follow at a safe distance, and won’t be part of the early parabolic adoption curve…but that is good for them, they hate risk, real or virtual. As the Cloud is proven safe, they will start smelling the cool fragrance of Cloud Kool-Aid in the wind…


YES…that one got stuck; I got to go…this bleakberry isn’t waterproof, and this spotted sea trout is acting like a blue marlin. And for a change, I don’t want to argue, not grumpy at all right now!


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