The more I think about what I wrote on March 3 about herding cats and such, the more I realize how personas (more about development personas some other day!) or Archetypes in enterprises have fueled this Oklahoma Cloud Rush. I was stuck in traffic this morning, and I found myself typifying the personas of the drivers. You have The Jammers…they are the people who drive all the way up to where the left lane merges into vapor at full speed and slam on their brakes and head fake (using right bumper and fender) drivers into letting them break in line. I wish there was a huge iron boot that would drop out of the sky and crush them and their car and then kick the steel (and plastic now) waffle all the way to the scrap yard! Then you have The Switchers..they are the people who constantly switch lanes in traffic that is moving at the same exact tempo trying to pass the entire herd of commuters, often driving 20 miles to get 5 miles down the road. I think they are already in the purgatory of self induced frenetic disillusionment, so that’s swell enough for them. THEN, you have The Turtles…actually dangerous because they do everything like they have their heads hidden within their bodies…Once again, punishment enough, I just wish law enforcement would enforce the minimum speed limits in major metropolitan areas..

There are personas, yes archetypes, in enterprises as well. They not only impact cultures, they actually dictate where and how change in enterprises is instantiated. I love that word! I will explain:

  • The “Informal Buyer”- YIKES! These people are called Maverick Purchasers in the other building where the CFO is king and Purchasing is the Royal Guard. One of the “Killer Apps” some analysts are looking for in the “Cloud Management Suite” would result in an outcome that would put these folks on the bench, and take their locker keys away.(More about that in another future note) BUT, the flexibility and responsiveness (speed of fulfillment) of a well executed “cloud life cycle” would provide necessary and sufficient order while allowing this psychology to persist (it is beneficial in “evolutionary” cultures) long after the freedom to “stand up” anywhere your credit card reaches goes away…AND the same well executed “cloud life cycle” would help them make the transition from outlaw to champion as “Cloud Evangelists” with some cloud based wins to point to. Mavericks to Champions…love it.
  • The Formal Buyer- Critical role and actor in an evolutionary, revolutionary or a “greenfield” organization (I now have to write something about organizational archetypes….later #3). In an evolutionary organization, these people WANT to exploit and expand, in a planned and governed manner. In a revolutionary organization, these folks need to balance the culture of liberal enablement with good governance and “day two” operations. In a cloud “greenfield” organization, these are likely director level infrastructure or application owners. In every organization, The “Governator”. They already understand the anxiety of being between the LOB demander and the Infrastructure provisioning logjam. These folks would WANT to be involved in every aspect of the cloud implementation, from discovery and classification, to service catalogue “creation and maintenance”, to provisioning and day two operations. These folks WANT a well executed “cloud life cycle”, and know what one looks like.
  • The Architect- I know….the creepy arch villain in the Matrix trilogy- strangely similar. They have been involved with every cycle of evolution, and get engaged eventually in every revolution (weird…Matrix Revolution..Matrix Evolution..I may be febrile again…). They are the penultimate creator/influencer (and may be the ultimate creator/influencer where the CIO has “KPI/scorecard myopia”) for cloud exploitation in any organizational archetype that they exist in. They will want to be involved or dictate the definition of every aspect of cloud implementation, and are valuable in that role due to the way their circuit boards are cross wired into BOTH the existing Enterprise Architecture, and the FIVE YEAR Technology Plan, and they actually know the latter is an oxymoron.


Yawn, traffic is about to start moving (yes, I just blasted this on my BleakBerry waiting on the wreck that occurred when the Jammer and the Switcher decided to try automobile fusion on the ramp up to the Beltway)..I would be GLAD to argue about this with you, but you know that already…cross town traffic, it always makes me grumpy!


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