A friend of mine, an IT director, had met me for lunch and he dropped this little bomb of a line while we ate.








"The great thing about all this cloud hype is that the whole ITIL hype has died down, which means we can stop doing ITIL."








I was so stunned that I didn't know what to say. I'm one of those folks who can think of really effective, pointed, snarky replies to people - about a week and half after the moment passes. At the time, I wanted to take my soup spoon and whack him on the side of the head. It's a few weeks later and I still want to whack him on the head. In fact, I stole the soup spoon and I'm carrying it around with me so that the next time I see him, I remember to do it.





Yes, there's a lot of hype about cloud. In fact, it might be one of the contenders for all time most hyped IT buzzwords. And ITIL and its related hype would at least be an honorable mention.








But come on, folks! Push aside all the cloud and ITIL hype and there is some really wonderful, valuable stuff here! For you as IT people, as well as those business people who are your customers. (And, in case you've forgotten, the whole point of IT is not to run at five 9s stability. The point of IT is to provide the IT services necessary to help business processes be efficient. And if business requires the five 9s, then do it. Otherwise, settle for a few less 9s. It's a LOT cheaper and a lot less work.)








ITIL brings us a set of process guidelines designed to help IT follow a best practices approach to defining, planning, managing and operating IT services that meet our customers' needs. It also gives us a framework for communicating "what the heck IT is doing" in the language of business. If we use Cloud as an excuse for ignoring or abandoning consistency and efficiency in how IT is run generally, then all I can say is, please let me know what company you work for and I'll adjust my investment portfolio accordingly to exclude your company.








Oh, and by the way, after weeks of perfecting it, here's my carefully considered response to my director friend: "Oh, yeah?"


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