jugglers_day_041813.jpgHave you ever felt that way in the office? Over the course of my career, I’ve learned that on occasion there will be days when things just don’t seem to break your way. Andre Agassi, one of the most dominant tennis players of his generation once captured this sentiment after a match saying, “It’s a delicate juggling act to try to balance everything in your life on and off the court, negotiate your health, everything that goes into being your best at every stage. It feels substantially different.”


While the unique pressure facing a professional athlete isn’t quite the same as most of our professional pressures, the reality is we all now live in a ‘multiple’ world. We have multiple job responsibilities and deadlines we’re expected to balance at once, multiple colleagues and teams with whom to collaborate, increasingly across multiple time zones or geographies.


Of course, CIOs are quite possibly the ultimate multi-taskers, simultaneously responsible for both supporting the day-to-day operations of the business and driving massive, strategic technology initiatives that drive top-line growth. As a marketer tasked with taking BMC’s message to CIO and IT professionals, I often find myself asking “what is the thing that keeps CIOs up at night?” And of course, the answer is everything. Managing through the complexity and knowing how to ‘return serve’ when the business volleys a new challenge to IT is part of the job. That’s a big reason why we take great pride in helping IT pros lighten the load, however and wherever possible. Because when your job description requires the ability to ‘juggle’ we think finding the right strategic IT partner is an important part of keeping the balls in the air.