As I looked through the list of special holidays this year, I was surprised to learn that March 20th is the official day designated to commemorate abductions from outer space. And, why not celebrate this phenomenon? It’s so popular that many of the exciting new movies being released this year are all about invaders from space. So, how can we best be prepared for these unexpected visitors in case they are not as friendly and well dressed as the extraterrestrial couples on the TV program, The Neighbors? My first thought was to get more information from someone who, when in high school, would be voted by peers as the person “Most likely to communicate with extraterrestrials.” Where could I find such a person?

I glanced at the stars in the sky and the idea came to me right away. I only needed to look as far as my corporate backyard. There was Chris Dancy, a director in the CTO Office at BMC, all wired up and ready to communicate with any type of species, no matter what planet those beings came from. Or so I thought. Chris is the ultimate quantified man. He sleeps with devices that track his heart rate, oxygen levels, and more. He also measures how far he walks, how much he eats, his digital reputation – the list goes on and on.

Chris explained to me that he’s way too busy to think about using technology to communicate with extraterrestrials, though; his focus is on measuring things that are more down to earth. In this article, he teamed up with Jason Frye to discuss how the quantified enterprise is about your relationship with the enterprise and the data you create. Learn how this approach provides a more empowered workforce. When you’re done reading, just like E.T., be sure to phone home and tell others about what you’ve discovered.