Valentine’s Day is a good time to turn your thoughts to something “SaaSy” about the hot trends in IT for 2013. You gotta’ love the top four — social, mobile, analytics, and cloud — areas that the tech industry has affectionately referred to as SMAC. There’s just something about that acronym when you pronounce it that not even a mother could love. It sounds like “SMACK.”  Why not mix up the order of the words and change this to CASM? Now, isn’t that much better? It is pronounced like “Chasm,” which is a gap that you can leap across from one technological breakthrough to another. Here’s my take on CASM in 2013.



Cloud. What’s not to love about the cloud? The market for cloud services continues to grow dramatically. So, if you haven’t sufficiently embraced the cloud by Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start getting more serious. But what type of cloud relationship are you looking for? This article by Herb VanHook helps you find the cloud that’s right for you — your perfect match.



Analytics. Have you ever described in great detail the many habits, traits, and actions about someone you love to a friend only to be told, “Hey, that’s too much information?" Who needs to process all that? Who cares? But your relationship with the data in your enterprise is a different story. The right analytics can help turn your data into more meaningful information related to performance management, capacity management, cloud operations, the end-user experience, and more. In this blog, BMC’s David Williams predicts that tools will emerge this year to identify end-user behaviors, trends, abnormalities, and performance degradations. Just as a strong love relationship improves over time, these resources will get to know you better and provide you with an enhanced end-user experience.


Social. Maybe you’ll send your Valentine a love message on Facebook, even posting it on your Web page for everyone to see that you’re in a special relationship. I’m sure people even propose to each other via Facebook — telling everyone at once of the engagement while hoping that the person says “yes” to the proposal. From a business perspective, social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Chatter, Twitter, and Google+ are the new spaces where we collaborate, communicate, learn, and socialize. They are becoming more integrated with the service desk, providing insight based on the experiences of your peers. Chris Dancy tells all about the relationship between the service desk and social in this article.


Mobile. If your mobile device had feelings, it would want to be appreciated on Valentine’s Day. After all, when was the last time you left home without your tablet or smartphone? You probably spend more time communicating with these tools than you do with your spouse or significant other. Think about it. How many times a day do you check a mobile device to look at email, read the news, visit social sites, perform calculations, play a game, manage your investments, purchase items, and more? The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed over the last few years, and it’s only going to expand. This trend, along with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work, is going to require IT to manage any device employees use to access the enterprise, whether it’s personally owned or provided by the business. Read about it in this article by Jason Frye.


These trends can help your relationship with technology to become even stronger and empower you to do more with the devices you use. Many of them are helping to consumerize the IT experience, meaning that the IT you use for business is becoming as intuitive as the technology you use in your personal life.

It’s like MyIT, the app that provides an easy-to-use interface to IT services and information anytime and from any location. MyIT knows who and where you are and can help you get access to the right technology resources quickly and easily.


As you get to know your technology better, it will learn to understand your needs, be there for you more than ever, and form a stronger relationship with you. Isn’t that worth celebrating on Valentine’s Day?