One of the first words a child learns is “mine.” That’s when children begin to understand what’s in it for them. Like IT. Your end users don’t want IT to be all about the technology. They want IT to deliver what they need at the right time and to use the device of their choice. They also want to decide how IT communicates with them. That’s about putting the “My” in MyIT. Yes, IT service delivery is getting personal…


What does this concept look like? Your end users may not have to fill out help tickets or stay on hold to have a call answered when they need assistance. They won’t have to wait until it’s convenient for IT to respond -- they can set up their own appointments to get help when they need it. When they show up at a satellite office, they won’t waste a lot of time trying to find out how to connect with a local printer. If they bring their own devices to work, they can access the network instantly. End users want the technology they use at work to be just as efficient as what they use in their personal lives. In short, the whole experience needs to be easy and transparent. These are some of the many benefits they can expect soon when MyIT from BMC becomes available.


Don’t just take my word for what will become the ultimate IT service delivery experience. Read what BMC’s Jason Frye has to say in this article, Want Personalized Service Delivery? Consider MyIT.