Each January you can be sure that the following things will happen:


  • You are likely to get inundated with ads for diets to help people lose weight (one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions).
  • Your health club, which was probably empty in December, will become crowded  with people trying meet their other key
    resolution – to exercise more frequently – and there will be a long line of people waiting to use the equipment.
  • You will see many articles and comments from analysts and other experts about what to expect in 2013. Some ideas will
    make sense immediately and others will seem like science fiction.


In keeping with this idea of looking ahead, be sure to read Eric Blum's article about social, mobile, analytics and cloud. He is BMC's CTO and Vice President for EMEA and discusses how these areas, affectionately known as SMAC, gained traction at the close of 2012 and where they are headed. He talks about how they will continue to challenge established IT practices and offers strategies for success. Read How to Embrace the Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud Wave with BSM. And then go to the health club or eat an apple.