If you have been thinking about getting married, are married, or have been married, you may be surprised to discover that some of the steps for preparing for a marital partnership are not that different from getting ready for the cloud. Seriously. Think about it. Before calling the caterers or setting a date for your bachelor party or wedding shower, you must consider some of the same types of issues you’d explore before taking your relationship with the cloud to the next level. Here are some potential questions to discuss before you tie the knot with your cloud service provider — or your future spouse:

1.      Will you get what you want out of this relationship?

2.      What should each of you be responsible for managing and how well can this be managed?

3.      Do you have adequate resources for success?

4.      Who is paying for what?

5.      Can you communicate effectively together, rather than always working in silos?

6.      What kind of flexibility do you expect?

Once you answer these questions, the future of the relationship will become much clearer — whether you and your partner are ready to celebrate a new life together, or whether you are ready to help your business become more flexible and competitive through cloud computing. To find out more details about the ideal cloud relationship, be sure to read this white paper by Lilac Schoenbeck entitled, “Requirements for a Successful Cloud.” To learn more about your personal relationships, talk to a marriage professional.