On Valentine’s Day you may be doing some last-minute shopping to pick up flowers, cards, chocolate, and other tokens of appreciation. Yes, this day gives you yet another chance to make up for something you might have forgotten to give or do since the December holidays. You may even write a sentimental letter or go out for a nice dinner. Or, you might just treat yourself to something special.



But have you forgotten to pay attention to another important relationship? You know what I’m talking about – the relationship between you and the cloud. After all, if clouds had feelings they’d want some recognition on this special day. They play an important role in the success of the IT and business relationship. So, with this in mind, think about what your cloud would say (if clouds could talk) when asked about its relationship with you. The cloud would respond with something like, “I adapted to your needs. I saved you money. I was always there for you.”



When you were told to improve your SLAs, who stepped in to save the day? When your data center was consolidated to reduce costs and there was no extra room left in your facility, who provided all the IT-related comforts of home? Finally, when you needed someone who could understand your requirements as your business changed, who was ready to support you at a moment’s notice? It was your cloud, that’s who.



Okay. I’m not asking you to write a love letter to the cloud, but just take a few moments and reflect on what the cloud means to you. The next time you send a service to the cloud, think about what that means. You can’t personally thank the cloud, but you can always enjoy some chocolate in its honor.


For more information about how to get the most out of your relationship with the cloud, be sure to read this thought leadership white paper by BMC's Brian Singer: Keep Your Cloud Humming: Cloud Operations Management.