I was staying with relatives and looking forward to watching my favorite television comedy, especially on a beautiful new high-definition screen. They had just left the house before my program was scheduled to start. When I looked over to grab the controller, I realized that there were about six different remotes for all of the devices that were connected to the TV – the DVD player, sound system, cable box, and so on — and I wasn’t sure which one to use. I tried different options, clicked “menu” many times, and even tried to see if two of the devices could work together. After about 10 minutes of fumbling, I turned off the set and decided go back to my laptop and visit with my friends on Facebook. My user experience was a failure and I never found out what happened to my favorite characters on the show. So, what does this have to do with service management?


It’s all about the platform. With so many devices connected to the television, the viewing experience became a time-consuming chore that failed. I later discovered that it took several remotes to get the TV working and I was not using the right ones correctly. A universal remote controller that integrated the devices would have solved that problem, in much the same way a platform can help put the “service” in IT service management. A platform is an integrated system that delivers a consistent way to share information. With a platform you can simplify, standardize, and automate IT processes. That gives you the visibility you need for managing your infrastructure.


Not just any platform will do, though. It has to be based on Business Service Management, or BSM, which is a comprehensive approach and unified platform that helps IT organizations cut cost, reduce risk, and drive business profit. A BSM platform breaks down the silos between teams and provides interoperability between the infrastructure and IT services. The platform gives you comprehensive insight, or the “big picture” of what’s happening in your enterprise. You can read more about this in the article by Bill Emmett from BMC: BSM Platform or Best of Breed? You Make the Call.


Speaking of the “big picture,” I’m going to try to catch a rerun of that show I mentioned earlier. Oh no….. my dog must have hid the remote.