We wanted to find out how IT organizations were adopting SaaS, how far along they were in this journey, and what benefits they were receiving. So, BMC and recently sponsored a survey and came up with some interesting results about SaaS in general and what this means for the help desk. Survey respondents came from a cross section of industries and a range of company sizes, and each held different roles in IT.


Here are some of the survey highlights: About 23 percent of those surveyed used SaaS for their IT help desk, and nearly 28 percent used SaaS for their IT infrastructure. Their reasons for moving to SaaS from traditional software include greater efficiency, scalability, and reliability/availability; minimal startup costs; a low-cost monthly subscription; and automatic updates. When the technology, best practices, and data reside in the cloud, the IT help desk can upgrade its capabilities more quickly, including adding capabilities like mobility, Chatter, and other new ways to exploit the cloud. (I used Chatter for the first time recently and was really pleased with how easy it was to collaborate, but that’s enough about me).


SaaS applications for the help desk provide can provide businesses with many benefits. With SaaS, your help desk can be better and faster. SaaS can create a better experience for the help desk team and customers. The SaaS interfaces are easy use and access. Businesses can leverage pay-as-you go models, so they are basically renting the software application by paying a monthly fee per user. In addition, SaaS applications let you deploy and enforce standardized processes more easily and they can leverage preconfigured, ITIL-based processes. There are many other advantages as well for those companies that are in a position to make that transition to SaaS.


According to Chris Williams from BMC Software, “SaaS eventually could establish new benchmarks for IT help desk responsiveness and performance among business users, making the move to the cloud a competitive necessity for businesses in some industries.” Read this white paper written by Chris for more information: The SMB IT Decision Maker’s Guide: How SaaS Can Benefit the IT Help Desk.