Just as soon as I finally get around to buying what was once the latest, hottest, fastest technology device – smart phone, iPad, laptop, you name it – the product gets replaced by something even faster, smarter, more intuitive, and cheaper. And I thought I was such a good shopper, too! That’s why I’m trying to think ahead about my upcoming purchases. And if you’re in IT, what could be better than taking a more long-term look toward where cloud computing is headed? And by long-term, I’m not just talking about the next quarter. I’m thinking about what’s it’s gonna’ be like by 2015.


So consider these questions as you do your cloud planning for the future. What IT services that you manage now will eventually be moved to the cloud? How much time will you save in provisioning servers in the cloud compared to the time you are currently spending? What platforms will people use to access your services? (Hint: Think mobile. Think small. Think flat.) What percentage of your IT dollars will go toward delivering new application services and new forms of data to your end users? How is this race to cloud going to impact the bottom line and help you deliver more value to the business? And what will you do with all of the time you used to spend managing hardware?


Mark Settle, BMC Software's CIO, gave us his perspective on these topics and more in this refreshing look at cloud computing. Check it out now. Read Looking Ahead: A Cloud Report from 2015.