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“We have to start from a very selfless place. We need to sincerely want to design a model that is focused 100% on getting the customer from mediocre to great.” — Peter Armaly


Bottom line for an IT customer is they want their life to be easier, they want the project to be a success, and they want the vendor to make that possible all the way through the life of the project. Learn how BMC brings a holistic approach to customer projects from start to finish, helping the customer achieve their goals.


Peter Armaly talks about BMC’s new and unique customer service success program, with its intense level of commitment, and how that program looks from the customer’s perspective.



Peter Armaly has had many roles in his long career in IT, many of which put him at the forefront of efforts to boost the odds of success of clients. His passion for business technology and his abiding appreciation for its power to propel companies forward have enabled Peter to speak thoughtfully and knowledgeably, across most of North America and many parts elsewhere, about both its challenges and compelling promise. He recently rejoined BMC Software after being away for 3 years and he’s happy to be back. In his role as Principal Customer Success Manager, Peter leads a team and is responsible for helping shape the practice in the very important industry-wide initiative known as Customer Success. Prior to that he was with the firm for 12 years.


Peter makes his home deep within the towers of downtown Toronto with his wife and balances that lifestyle by heading deep into the wilds of northern Ontario most weekends during the summer. There he and his wife spend time off-grid and out of range in a cabin they built from scratch.


  1. What’s the big deal here? What exactly is this new trend ‘customer success’?
  2. What are ‘guardians of the brand’? Is this related to why you are so passionate about what you do with customers now?
  3. How would you describe a win-win?
  4. What does BMC do exactly to help a customer after a sale?
  5. What are some real live examples of how this works?


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