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“The real tricky part about change is that as the volume goes up, the amount of work increases — so, inevitably, people try to take shortcuts.” —Simon King


The technology world is changing faster than ever — thanks to new system complexities, more distributed workloads, and access from all types of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and more). So, how can a busy IT staff keep up with the pace?


Join us for a talk with Simon King, Senior Director of Product Management for Service Support at BMC Software, and learn how to alleviate the pressures of change management. Find out about the latest best practices and state-of-the-art software that can help you:


  • Improve productivity by standardizing changes across the organization
  • Free up resources by identifying what changes can be automated and/or outsourced
  • Focus on the services that deliver the highest value to the business



Regarded as a thought leader and innovator in the software industry, Simon King directs BMC's Service Support product line and evangelizes BMC's Business Service Management vision and strategy. Previously, King was Director Strategy and business development for the Remedy product line. He was involved in the Version 7 release of BMC IT Service Management, and subsequently led the acquisition of Service Management Partners' Process Model for Remedy ITSM.


Prior to BMC, King has served as Senior Director Product Management at SupportSoft, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing and Director of Technical Support and Quality Assurance at BroadVision. He has also held Quality Assurance positions at Borland Interactive (now Inprise), MentorGraphics, Siemens SDG, and Mars Electronics.


  1. Can you give us a quick overview of IT services and IT service management?
  2. Now that we have a firm starting point, what do you mean by “the sneaky ways of Change”?
  3. In your blog, you also mention “the lightning bolt of Change.” What do you mean by that?
  4. What are the best practices for managing change? How do we maintain control of the process?
  5. Why don’t more IT shops follow these types of processes?
  6. How should a small IT group start out managing their change process and how should they scale that process as they grow?


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