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“It’s not just TBs of data. The distance between data centers can impact performance.” — Rick Weaver


Thanks to a long history of reliable performance, mainframes continue to be the workhorses of the business world — and even power the latest cloud applications. That’s why the backup and recovery tools continue to get better and better. But are they really worth the investment?


Join us for a discussion with Rick Weaver, product manager for DB2 solutions at BMC Software, and learn how to minimize the risk of downtime for your critical applications.


Find out how BMC Recovery Management solutions can help you:


  • Coordinate recovery across DB2 and IMS applications
  • Improve performance with advanced copying techniques
  • Run recovery simulations without impacting availability



Rick Weaver has over thirty years of experience in Systems and Database Administration for IMS and DB2 database systems, and has been involved in developing large, complex, mission critical applications in a variety of business areas for several Fortune 50 companies. At BMC since 1994, Rick has worked in Software Consulting, Professional Services, Product Marketing, and Product Management.


Rick is currently Product Manager for DB2 Solutions, responsible for setting product direction and managing release requirements for the BMC Software DB2 for z/OS product line.


  1. What is the current state-of-the-art in backup and recovery systems? How does cloud computing fit into the mix?
  2. How can customers leverage their investment in backup and recovery tools?
  3. Can customers exploit BMC Recovery Management solutions in support of day-to-day operations?
  4. How can backup and recovery systems be tested, and how often should they be tested?
  5. Where will backup and recovery tools be moving in the next generation?


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