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“CSI is about improving quality, operational efficiency and business continuity overall.” — Anthony Orr


Most ITIL adoption initiatives should begin with Continual Service Improvement (CSI) — where you identify the current state of your services, along with how they can be improved. Find out more in this conclusion of our series on ITIL principles.


Join us as we talk with Anthony Orr, Global Best Practices Director for BMC Services at BMC Software, about making IT changes with business justifications. Learn how CSI principles can help IT prioritize and manage the strategic projects that will deliver the most business value.




Anthony Orr is Global Best Practices Director for BMC  Services at BMC Software. Anthony has more than 25 years of experience  in managerial, consulting, marketing, and technical positions for IT Service Management strategies and implementations. He is certified in  ISO 20000, and ITIL Foundation, Practitioner, Service Manager and ITIL  V3 Expert levels. Anthony has authored many white papers, books, and  Industry Insights.






  1. In addition to software, what other areas should be included in the CSI category?
  2. What are the key principles that apply to improving services?
  3. Can you tell me some more about the CSI Register?
  4. What’s the best way to execute on CSI?



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