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As part our continuing DevOps Leadership Series, today's conversation is with James Turnbull, Vice President of Technology Operations for the open source start-up Puppet Labs. Australian-born, James has been Living in Portland and been involved in IT and the open source community since the early 1990s.


As an author, James focuses on free and open source software trends and issues. He is also a security specialist, and software developer. James has written five books on Linux security and open source software.


In addition to providing his perspectives on the history and evolving culture of DevOps in IT, James comments on the factors that impact open-source solutions on DevOps. Configuration management is a key factor in DevOps, according to James. One way to work is to use the same tools for developing the infrastructure as are used to build the business applications. Then you can test both together so that when you get to deployment they are already integrated.


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