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"A key goal for us is that we can help customers manage all that underlying infrastructure and organize it ... to build a comprehensive cloud catalog that sits on top of it. The cloud catalog is the thing you expose to the end user of the resources,” Brian Emerson said.


In this podcast Brian Emerson briefs us about cloud lifecycle management and highlights some of the new features in the latest release of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) 3.0 product.


Cloud lifecycle management all started with virtualization. Initially, manual provisioning was the only way to get the job done. BMC quickly realized that the process would have to be automated if the full benefit of flexible cloud-hosted services was to be realized. They took up the challenge, and now we have arrived at version 3.0 of the product that automates the process from end-to-end.


The main feature of CLM is the cloud service catalog, which organizes all the resource providers, services, and infrastructure. The catalog lets the users discover the services they need and formulate a request for those services. Once the user has submitted the request, automation takes over to provision, configure, and deploy those services.


A key goal for improving the product, CLM 3.0, was to continue expanding the number of providers listed in the catalog. Another improvement is Blueprint Parameterization. This feature enables users configuration of more sophisticated applications than was possible in earlier products. The end-user portal was also improved based on user feedback. Many additional incremental improvements were made throughout the product as well.


Brian Emerson is a senior solutions marketing manager for BMC, focused on enabling technologies, including the BMC Atrium Configuration Management Database (CMDB). Brian joined BMC in July 2000. Previously he worked as a product manager in the AR System Product Management at BMC Remedy. He holds a bachelor's degree in Operational Management and Information Systems from Santa Clara University.






  1. Give us an overview of what cloud lifecycle management is.
  2. What does BMC’s Cloud Life Cycle Management product do to help an organization?
  3. BMC has just released the new version, CLM 3.0. What has been improved in this new version?
  4. As a follow up, have any new features been added in CLM 3.0


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