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“BMC has a different vision. We’ve been talking about this notion of business service management for more than ten years now. The whole idea of business service management is that we’re not doing IT for IT’s sake. We’re doing IT to support some type of business service. … Cloud is the next step along this process,” Dominic Wellington said.


In this podcast Dominic Wellington provides an overview of CLM 3.0, the latest release of BMC’s Cloud Lifecycle Management product. He summarizes the results from the recent BMC/Forrester survey on CIO's attitudes and expectations regarding cloud. Dominic also dispels many misconceptions about the term “cloud.”


Dominic explains that cloud lifecycle management can take much of the manual work out of requests from users for IT services. Now it is possible for the user to go to the IT portal, make the request, and get the results in as little as "zero" time. We call that “day one"-- getting the requested service running and into the user’s hands.


With the latest release, many “day two” management features have been added. These are post-deployment jobs such as change and compliance management, making it easier for IT to keep track and optimize resource consumption and assets usage.


Dominic also addresses how these changes and enhancements are being received by customers.


Dominic Wellington is the Lead Solution Marketing Manager in charge of Cloud Computing and Datacenter Automation in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has worked on the largest cloud deals in the region, and now he calls on that experience to support new cloud initiatives across EMEA. Previously Dominic supported the automation sales activity with direct assistance and training throughout the region.


Dominic joined BMC Software with the acquisition of BladeLogic, where he started up Southern Europe pre-sales operations. Before BladeLogic, he worked in pre-sales and system administration for Mercury and HP. Dominic has studied and worked between Italy, England and Germany.


  1. The term “cloud computing” is very fashionable these days. We hear it from lots of customers and vendors, cloud this and cloud that. What is the mindset in the industry about cloud?
  2. What do organizations need related to cloud computer and what does BMC offer to help?
  3. BMC has just released a new version of its Cloud Lifecycle Management product, CLM 3.0. Can you tell us about the improvements that have been made?
  4. How has CLM been received by the industry? What have you heard from organizations that have adopted CLM?


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