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“The key point of the Solution Planning Workshop is it’s laying the foundation for a successful upgrade,” Roger Hirsch said.


In this podcast we learn about upgrading BMC Remedy ITSM software. Subjects touched on include: why customers upgrade; what the benefits are to upgrading; and how to plan a smooth upgrade. Join us to hear what Roger Hirsch and Steve Leibovitch say about the topic.


Roger Hirsch is an ITSM Practice Manager at BMC Software. Roger is responsible for helping develop and execute BMC IT Service Management go-to-market strategies for Professional Services. He has more than 15 years of experience in IT management services. Steve Leibovitch is a Solutions Architect in the same group.


  1. Before we talk about upgrade best practices, why should a customer consider upgrading to the latest version of Remedy OnDemand?
  2. What are the key considerations customers should keep in mind before upgrading?
  3. Many customers are concerned that the upgrade process will be daunting and time consuming. How does BMC Consulting Services address those concerns?
  4. What’s unique about our approach and how long does a typical upgrade take? Do you have some real world examples?
  5. For customers that are ready to move forward with the upgrade process, what’s the recommended path?


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