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"Cloud computing is here and it’s going to dramatically alter the way the government does business in the future... inherently cloud computing is going to, or should cost the government less money," says Dick Stark.


Cost cutting is an escalating priority within public sector IT organizations — not just at the national level, but also at state (or provincial) and local levels. Around the world, governments are concentrating on reducing spending and debt. These efforts are forcing public sector IT organizations to become proactive in improving service quality while bringing down costs. Join us as we talk with Dick Stark, CEO of Rightstar, about tackling the top five public sector IT objectives using ITSM.



Dick Stark is president, CEO, and founder of RightStar. He has more than 25 years of experience in leading, building, and managing technology companies. During his career, he has also led and managed technical, consulting, and finance operations. RightStar is a leading provider of ITIL-based service management solutions for upper-middle market firms and government agencies. As an Elite BMC Software Solution Partner, RightStar develops its own add-on modules and provides consulting, design, and implementation services for BMC Service Desk Express and BMC Remedy ITSM products.


  1. Dick, let’s start out with a little bit about Rightstar, for those that aren’t familiar. What is Rightstar and what is your link to BMC?
  2. In your paper you mention that citizen demands for accountability and transparency in the public sector will continue to grow How does IT fit into this picture?
  3. That seems like a tall order. Where do you recommend Public Sector IT Pros start?
  4. Of those five steps, how does IT decide which steps to tackle first? Any you feel are more important or cost-effective right out of the gate?
  5. It’s not like the government is wrong or bad for having so many data centers. When you look back from a legacy perspective, the way you stood up a data center was buy more iron. Everybody did it on their own accounts and own business environments. Then you wake up one day and say “we have a lot of duplication going on here,” right?
  6. Do you have any real-life examples of how a government entity has accomplished cost savings, efficiency, and accountability?
  7. Anything else you’d like to leave with our listeners?



Thought Leadership Paper: Tackle the Top Five Public Sector I.T. Objectives with I.T. Service Management




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