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Build your service catalog with many options for a limited number of models to give a very rich experience to your users, without having the cost of administering it,” says Eric Blum.


The cloud services market is exploding as enterprises look to cut capital and operating expenses while also responding more quickly to changing market conditions. As more business-critical services move to the public cloud, service providers must offer more differentiated, nuanced, agile, and automated services to compete profitably in this market. Join us as we talk with Eric Blum, the BMC Chief Technology Officer for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions). Learn how cloud service providers can offer much more to customers than simply competing on the basis of cost alone.

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Eric Blum is the BMC Chief Technology Officer for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions) with a particular emphasis on Business Value Realization related to cloud implementations and large BSM deployments across international organizations.


Eric conducted a number of program executive sponsorships at CXO level while in his previous role at BMC as VP of EMEA Services.  Prior to joining BMC he was the director for solution at SAP France and was the e-Commerce director at Informix where he contributed to the Informix strategy for e-Commerce and drove its deployment across EMEA.




  1. I understand BMC’s been talking with service providers and that you’ve found that these cloud providers are looking for some partners?
  2. When it comes to managing the service portfolio, what are some of the key considerations for the cloud?
  3. You’ve mentioned that risk management varies by vertical market. What are some key things a service provider should look for in order to manage risk?
  4. How does dependency mapping play into reducing sales costs?
  5. Of course, one of the reasons companies look to the cloud is to reduce delivery costs. How can a service provider stay ahead of that curve and continually provide competitive cost structure?
  6. You talk a bit in your paper about a service broker. What is that, and how might cloud service providers fit into a service-broker scenario?
  7. Anything else you’d like to leave with our listeners?










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