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“Behavioral learning is applied to many different aspects of IT, including everything that you need from the underlying infrastructure to the transactions the end user is having on a day to day basis,” says David Williams.


Many of us have gone online to purchase a book. As soon as we log in log in, the retailer knows who we are and recommends the latest book from our favorite author, complete with reviews, prices, and discounts. So happy to make this discovery, we buy the book, and provided it arrives on time, we’ve had a great user experience. The application learned about our behavior and delivered a desirable and highly personalized level of service.  Join us as we talk with David Williams, vice president of strategy in the Office of the CTO at BMC Software, and learn more about how behavior learning applies to the business of IT.


david williams


David Williams is a vice president of strategy in the Office of the CTO at BMC Software. David focuses on availability and performance monitoring, IT operations automation, and management architectures.



  1. How does behavior learning such as that used by  the online retailer apply to our business applications?
  2. Is behavior learning limited to users?
  3. What are some tools that help us understand and learn about the behavior of our users and our applications.
  4. What are the ways end users are monitored?
  5. How does this apply to the cloud, when hardware could be in multiple locations?
  6. How important is application response time - does response time play into this?
  7. What does user behavior analysis tell us about the business?
  8. Talk more about performance monitoring in the cloud infrastructure.










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