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Whether you’re requesting infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, or software as a service... when those resources are assigned to you [it’s important] that data collection and monitoring gets turned on as well, says Ajay Singh


Managing cloud operations is analogous to running a large airline. In both cases, you have a relatively fixed set of assets for delivering services. You have to manage assets as efficiently as possible to deliver the most value and best service at the lowest cost. To meet these demanding and sometimes opposing requirements, you need to be flexible and manage proactively. That requires the right management processes, assets, and technology. Join us as we talk with Ajay Singh, Vice President and General Manager of Service Assurance, BMC Software, and gain some insight into ways to handle the four challenges of cloud computing.




Ajay Singh is Vice President and General Manager of Service Assurance, BMC Software. Ajay Singh is responsible for BMC’s Service Assurance products. He came to BMC as part of the ProactiveNet acquisition, where he was the founder, president, and CEO. Singh has more than 25 years of experience in application and system management, professional services, and marketing.





The cloud’s operational environment is complex and constantly changing. Thousands of work loads move among hundreds, or even thousands, of physical servers, and keeping track of these details and ensuring optimal enduser performance is difficult.


  1. In your recent paper (Tackling the Four Challenges of Proactive Cloud Operations) you mention there are four major challenges related to  effectively managing a cloud operation. Would you give us a rundown on those challenges?
  2. Let’s talk about understanding the environment. Aren’t the (APIs) available from external cloud providers sufficient to understanding what you’re dealing with?
  3. What is the best way to deal with virtualization?
  4. What do we mean by the “domino effect” in a cloud environment, and what’s are some ways to head that off?
  5. Do you have some thoughts about effective ways to deal with service requests?
  6. Any additional thoughts for our listeners?




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Seemingly simple upgrades can cause ripple effects, as it pertains to integration, that are difficult to anticipate,” says Bill Emmett.


Chances are, your IT organization is becoming increasingly integrated with the business. As a result, it’s more and more critical to manage your  infrastructure and IT support functions and processes as effectively and  efficiently as possible. So, which approach provides the greatest value: best of breed or platform? Join us as we talk with Bill Emmett, vice president of Worldwide Marketing for BMC Software, and look at both options. Then you can make the call.




Bill Emmett is senior manager in the Strategic Marketing organization at  BMC Software. He has been a practitioner, innovator, and marketing  leader in the IT management software industry for nearly 15 years. He  has been a part of BMC since 2008 and leads the Thought Leadership team.


  1. You’ve recently released a BMC Industry Insight titled BSM Platform or Best of Breed? You Make The Call. I would like to zero in on some of the points you are making in that paper.
  2. Just to make sure we’re all on the same page here, I’d like to start by asking you to define what you mean by “Best of Breed” and “Platform.”

  3. In  the paper you talk about multi-vendor costs. What are some of the  challenges around having multiple vendors for your infrastructure and  hardware?

  4. Why is visibility into the infrastructure important?

  5. So is it possible to achieve interoperability with a best-of-breed approach? Are there risks and the benefits we should discuss?

  6. How does the cloud fit in with all of this?

  7. What if I have a several tools that really drive my IT organization? How do I make sure everything is going to work together?

  8. Are there other points to consider?


BMC Industry Insight: BSM Platform or Best of Breed? You Make The Call (pdf)







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