Dillard’s uses our monitoring, tuning, and optimization products … they were able to save 35% of their CPU utilization by proper tuning, says Mike Moser.



Today, your best help for business growth may come from your mainframe. To some people, the mainframe conjures up a picture of a monolithic,  immobile machine chugging away overnight, processing credit card  transactions or other batch work. In reality, mainframes are flexible parts of modern IT infrastructures. Mainframes can — and do — process all kinds of essential business work, including mixed workloads that incorporate online and batch components. Join us as we talk with Mike Moser, product management director and program executive at BMC Software, about the myths and the genius surrounding the mainframe and how mainframe technology is still a viable option in today’s enterprise computing environment. 


Mike Moser is a product management director and program executive within BMC Software’s Mainframe Service Management business unit. He focuses on issues related to reducing costs while improving IT efficiency and service delivery.


  1. As a point of background here, let’s talk for a minute about why the mainframe still plays such an important part in today’s business environment.
  2. What are some of the myths surrounding the mainframe environment?
  3. Do you have some examples of savings achieved by doing those things?
  4. What are the key pillars of the “right” management software?
  5. Can you offer some examples of ways that businesses have optimized mainframe costs and business service levels?
  6. Any other points you’d like to bring to the table today?