BMC Podcasts enjoyed unprecedented popularity during 2009. Cloud computing lead the pack, with three cloud-related podcasts accounting for more than 25% of downloads for podcasts released this year. We invite you to enjoy our top five downloaded podcasts for the preceding 12 months (12/1/08 through 12/15/09).


A   Down-to-Earth look at Cloud Computing with Whurley (William Hurley)



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Cloud Computing Today — A Practical Perspective: Herb VanHook, Vice President of Business Planning, at BMC Software



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BSM in the Field, Practical Insights from Peter Armaly



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Enterprise   System Management Challenges in Big Organizations with Eli Almog



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Lower Service Support Costs and Increase Business Value Through a Holistic Approach:
Doug Mueller, Chief Technology Officer in the Service Management Business Unit of BMC Software



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