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One of the new topics for 2009 that I think will become more prevalent in 2010 is Service Desk consolidation. Here are two recent interviews on the topic to help you better understand the issues.

Improve Service Quality through Service Desk Consolidation, with Frederieke Winkler Prins




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Three IT strategies to help you cut costs intelligently—Part One, Service Desk Consolidation, with Glenn O'Donnell and Jim Grant




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BMC Podcasts enjoyed unprecedented popularity during 2009. Cloud computing lead the pack, with three cloud-related podcasts accounting for more than 25% of downloads for podcasts released this year. We invite you to enjoy our top five downloaded podcasts for the preceding 12 months (12/1/08 through 12/15/09).


A   Down-to-Earth look at Cloud Computing with Whurley (William Hurley)



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Cloud Computing Today — A Practical Perspective: Herb VanHook, Vice President of Business Planning, at BMC Software



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BSM in the Field, Practical Insights from Peter Armaly



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Enterprise   System Management Challenges in Big Organizations with Eli Almog



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Lower Service Support Costs and Increase Business Value Through a Holistic Approach:
Doug Mueller, Chief Technology Officer in the Service Management Business Unit of BMC Software



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