"Customers are often using Cloud as a code word to refer to their next-generation data center efforts," says Herb VanHook




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Cloud computing is becoming more common, and a host of new technology is emerging out of public cloud providers. If you're thinking about cloud computing you may be asking yourself these quesitons:  What cloud computing model is right for your organization? What role does virtualization play in the cloud? How do BMC's management solutions fit in with cloud computing?  Join us as we talk with Herb VanHook for a lively discussion about cloud computing.


Herb VanHook, is Vice President of Business Planning, at BMC Software. Herb has held several key positions at META Group (most recently serving as Interim President and Chief Operating Officer), and has more than 30 years of experience in information technology, including senior positions at IBM, Computer Associates, and Legent Corporation.


  1. What are the various models for cloud computing?
  2. Is there anything really here, or is it mostly all marketing hype?
  3. I recently heard the term public cloud, what exactly is that, what would be the advantages of something like that?
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?
  5. What are enterprise IT organizations doing about cloud computing, what benefits are the looking for out of this?
  6. How are private clouds related to virtualization?
  7. You talked about hybrid cloud a little earlier. Let's talk more about that?
  8. Does BMC offer solutions for private cloud options?
  9. What solutions do customers require for hybrid cloud success?
  10. What can we expect from BMC in the future in this area?