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"You want to reduce the risk of anything getting in the way of a commitment you've made to the business," says Alisa Nessler.



Alisa Nessler


If you had the opportunity to put Premier Support into your budget, how would you describe the value to senior management? Are you preparing to deploy a new version, or looking at an "all hands on deck" scenario in the near future and wonder how best to support your applications during that time?

Join us as we talk with Alisa Nessler, vice president of BMC Enterprise Service Management Business Unit, Customer Support. learn about the differences between regular support and BMC Premier Support, and how to identify when Premier Support is a better value than regular support.


As vice president of BMC Enterprise Service Management Business Unit Customer Support, Alisa Nessler leads the worldwide customer support team for enterprise systems management products.



  1. We’ve all heard of regular support, just what is Premier Support?

  2. Given IT budgets are tight why would a company want to spend more on support? What kind of value does Premier Support bring to the customer?

  3. If I were a client and I already had standard support, why would I want to upgrade to Premier support?


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