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Brent Sullivant

Brent Sullivan, Lead Solutions Manager, BMC

What is Service Automation and how does it go beyond Data Center Automation? What are the benefits? Where do you start? Find the answers to these questions in this interview with Brent Sullivan, Lead Solutions Manager at BMC. Learn how you can deliver IT services faster, safer, and more cost effectively in this 20-minute podcast on Service Automation.


Early in Brent Sullivan’s technology career he was instrumental in helping a Houston start-up earn its spot on the Inc. 500 list, creating and marketing availability and performance management services and outsourced administration. Brent has since brought innovative ideas to both Compaq Computer Corporation, where he developed Pre-Failure Warranty and an innovative database deployment and configuration capability, and BMC Software, Inc. where he initiated enterprise application solutions and   transaction management solutions. Today, with BMC Service Automation solutions, he is once again focused on helping customers solve problems around data center deployment and configuration.

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