Why Do Your Customers Leave?: Podcast interview with Adrian Payne, professor at the New South Wales School of Marketing and Peter Armstrong, corporate strategist for BMC Software, Inc.



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Adrian PaynePeter ArmstrongCustomer churn is "enemy   number one for business", according to Adrian Payne, professor at the New   South Wales School of Marketing. In fact, in a recent survey in the Asia   Pacific region, 6 out of 10 consumers changed suppliers over the past 12   months. Peter Armstrong, corporate strategist for BMC Software, joins this   discussion of customer churn in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions. You'll   be surprised by the demographics of churn, as well as why people choose   other service providers.




Professor Adrian Payne (PhD, MSc, MEd, FRMIT, FCIM, FRSA) has   practical experience in marketing, market research, corporate planning and   general management. His previous appointments include positions as Chief   Executive for a manufacturing company and senior appointments in strategic   planning and marketing. An internationally recognised authority and author   on CRM, Relationship Marketing, Customer Serevice and Marketing Strategy. He   has acted as an advisor, consultant and educator to numerous leading   organisations and is currently Professor of Marketing in the Australian   School of Business at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia   and adjunct Professor at Cranfield University in the UK.


Peter Armstrong is responsible for the increasingly important   domain of how business and information technology need to work together.   Armstrong has helped to develop the company’s Business Service Management   (BSM) strategy. He is also responsible for educating BMC Software's   customers and employees, the media, and analysts about the company's vision   and strategy. In addition to evangelizing, he works closely with the   company's development labs to keep them informed about customer plans and   activities, particularly in the non-U.S. marketplace, helping to ensure that   the solutions BMC Software delivers are pertinent worldwide both today and   in the future.