Getting More from Global Sourcing (Offshoring) by Automating Application Problem Resolution: Podcast interview with Ran Gishri, director at BMC Software, Inc.



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Thinking about offshoring your development, QA, or support efforts to reduce costs? Ran Gishri, director at BMC Software, explains why getting the efficiency gains you expect might not be so easy. He discusses common challenges companies face when they decide to offshore these IT services and tells you exactly how the process of uncovering and resolving application problems plays into it.


There are best practices for overcoming application problem resolution challenges and Ran shares these. He also gives concrete examples of companies that automated problem resolution in a globally distributed development environment. Implemented correctly, automated application problem resolution processes can help companies achieve the efficiency gains they seek by offshoring.




Ran Gishri has over 15 years of experience in the fields of application development, testing, and management. An accomplished strategist and technologist, his vision and expertise have helped build industry-leading solutions in test automation and application management. Mr. Gishri is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has authored several white papers.