Identity Unleashed: Podcast interview with Bronna Shapiro, director of solutions marketing for identity management at BMC Software, Inc.



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Identity management has evolved far beyond a simple understanding of who is accessing your applications and data.  It is a critical and integral part of business service management and IT best practices, and its automation and integration greatly increases the value of other solutions in your environment.  Bronna Shapiro, director at BMC Software, discusses the evolution of  identity management systems, describes how business service management leverages its data, and the criteria that this integration should meet in order to deliver maximum value to your IT organization.  She ends this podcast conversation with colorful, and real-world, examples of great identity management -- and identity management gone bad.


Bronna Shapiro manages a team responsible for solutions marketing strategy for identity management and is a member of the BMC Thought Leadership Council. Her prior industry experience is in product management of key mainframe products and as an instructor for courses on IMS and DB2 conducted worldwide.