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Software developers everywhere are in a quandary. How do they spend more time doing what they do best -- developing -- and less time in problem resolution? Problem resolution is the time-consuming and often manual process of resolving software defects, bugs, reported issues, or unexpected application behavior.

This process of resolving problems is all about getting to the root cause. Once the root cause is identified, the problem can usually be resolved easily -- greatly accelerating the application development process. But, getting to the root cause, simple as it sounds, is often what confounds developers. Ran Gishri, director at BMC Software, Inc. discusses the critical importance of automating problem resolution and how implementing something like a black box flight recorder for software applications will   change your world.





Ran Gishri has over 15 years of experience in the fields of application development, testing, and management. An accomplished strategist and technologist, his vision and expertise have helped build industry-leading solutions in test automation and application management. Mr. Gishri is a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has authored several white papers.