Agile Development:  Podcast interview with Mike Lunt, product line director at BMC Software, Inc.



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Why is Agile so important and who's doing it well?  Traditional development methodologies like "waterfall" aren't flexible and don't allow for changes in features or functions as the software is being developed.  Using the Agile approach, developers at can produce enterprise software in half the time, with more flexibility to market needs.  But, that's not all that happens with Agile.  Development teams become more productive, costs go down, and quality goes up.  Everyone wins with the Agile approach.






Mike Lunt is a Director, Product Line with over 12 years of software life-cycle experience in both online and product-based software. At   BMC, he is responsible for continuously improving the processes used to develop and deliver enterprise-level products in the systems management domain. Mike has been working with rapid development and Agile techniques for many years, both at BMC as well as several startups prior to BMC.