Application Virtualization and the Enterprise: Podcast interview with Jeanne Morain, senior manager of configuration automation products at BMC Software, Inc., and Jonathan Clark, president and CTO, Thinstall



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First, it was whole-machine virtualization; now, application virtualization is taking the enterprise by storm. But what is application virtualization, and what advantages can it bring to the corporate IT environment? In this podcast, Jeanne Morain, senior manager of configuration automation products at BMC Software, is joined by Jonathan Clark, president and CTO of a new BMC partner, Thinstall.   Together, they discuss the advantages of agentless technology, how combining application virtualization with configuration management delivers great value, and more.

Clark gives his recommendations for what to consider if you're in the market for application virtualization technology, and he and Morain discusses how companies can leverage application virtualization to address compliance. But what it all comes down to, says Morain, is cost savings for IT. Combine BSM, ITIL, configuration management and application virtualization, says Morain, and what you get is a true, closed-loop system that is flexible: and true asset lifecycle management, from cradle to grave.




Jeanne Morain is senior manager of configuration automation products group (a.k.a. Marimba and BMC Performance Assurance). She holds a master's degree from Southern Illinois University. Ms. Morain has well over a decade of experience in large-system deployments. She led early developments of integrating discovery tools into assets systems and has worked to guide many of BMC's larger customers on planning, implementing, and maintaining their BSM systems during the last more-than five years.


Jonathan Clark founded Thinstall in 1999, originally focusing on virtualization and copy protection technology solutions for software publishers. Mr. Clark released the first version of Thinstall in 2001 after several years of R&D and continues to actively participate in Thinstall’s technology and business direction. Prior to starting Thinstall, Mr. Clark co-founded the video game development company Crack dot Com in 1994, which produced the original PC and Mac titles "Abuse" and "Golgotha," and ported "Doom" and "Quake" to UNIX platforms.