Technology Trends - Podcast interview with Tom Bishop, CTO at BMC Software, Inc.



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There are five areas important to the business service management market right now. These include service-oriented architectures (SOA), server consolidation and virtualization, the “greening” of the data center, process execution excellence (or business process excellence), and the application of lean manufacturing principles to data centers. Tom Bishop, CTO of BMC Software, Inc. discusses each of these and how IT must think differently about innovation and technology.

Tom describes the innovation in each area, looks at the resulting complications, examines the implications and subsequent actions that solution providers and their customers need to take to address the innovation, and describes the business benefits. Each innovation is intended to solve a certain kind of problem. The challenge, he says, is to fully exploit the technologies while minimizing any potential problems these changes might introduce to your IT environment.


Tom Bishop was named one of the top 25 CTOs by InfoWorld Magazine in 2004, and is a well-known industry innovator who holds nine patents in fault tolerant computing and in leading the development of industry standards such as the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and   POSIX.