Building Your CMDB, Step-by-Step: Podcast Interview with Ken Turbitt, global best practices director, BMC Software, Inc.



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The guide to help you with successful CMDB planning, CI building, and every other logical step of your CMDB implementation -- the Step-By-Step Guide to Building the CMDB -- is now available. Ken Turbitt, BMC Software’s global best practices director and one of several co-authors, shares why this book was created, what it offers (and what more he wishes it offered), and how you can get your copy.

In this podcast, Ken discusses the most common misconceptions, and mistakes made, when building a CMDB. He explains how the Step-By-Step   Guide to Building the CMDB can help you build your CMDB correctly the first time by helping you think through all of the logical steps, such as   what data you need to collect, what different architectures and structures you have in the organization, and what tools you need to automate collection. Through the five chapters, 26 steps, and practical tasks included in this book, Ken illustrates how the Step-By-Step Guide to   Building the CMDB can be a great resource, even if you want to build your CMDB yourself.



Ken Turbitt is a qualified ISEB ITIL manager and Gartner-qualified   TCO consultant. He was a founding member of the Institute for the Management of Information Systems (member since 1985) "outsourcing special interest" group, founded a successful independent consultancy, and was an enterprise architect/analyst for Peregrine Systems, assisting sales and business development across EMEA. Ken also managed the Infrastructure Resource Management (IRM) consultancy practice within Fujitsu/ICL on a worldwide basis, where he was recognized as the ICL worldwide authority on Asset Management and related services. Before ICL, Ken was a management consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers (then Coopers & Lybrand), where he managed their Network Management Center. Currently, Ken is employed by BMC Software working as best practice director, assisting BMC in aligning with the Best Practices for IT services (e.g., ITIL, CobIT, ETom), presenting to clients, partners, and analysts.