The Technology That Drives Dashboards: Podcast interview with Tom Bishop, chief technology Officer and Ashish Arora, solutions architect at BMC Software, Inc.



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Today, businesses can enjoy innovative, interactive ways to access information thanks to ongoing technology advances. And, BMC Software makes the most of these advances -- particularly Rich Internet Applications (RIA) -- to redefine the face of its BSM offering. With RIAs, BMC Software can provide nearly real-time information available through visual dashboards. These dashboards are designed not just for IT users, but for business leaders, too. According to Ashish Arora, BMC’s Solutions Architect, “the brand ambassador that speaks directly to the customer is the user interface.”

This podcast features Ashish and BMC Software’s chief technology officer, Tom Bishop, discussing the strategy, design, and technology behind BMC Dashboards for BSM. Tom and Ashish outline the value proposition, compare alternate technologies, and detail the internal review process and stakeholder feedback that produced the dashboard offering. They also share their vision of getting decision-enabling information to the right users at the right time efficiently with techniques like progressive disclosure and explorative animation.  Listen as they share their vision for the future: combining IT and business metrics, finding the “golden mean” between a rich user experience and processing, and delivering information simply, across a multitude of devices.



Tom Bishop was named one of the top 25 CTOs by InfoWorld Magazine in 2004, and is a well-known industry innovator who holds nine patents in fault tolerant computing and in leading the development of industry standards such as the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) and POSIX.

Ash Arora is a Solutions Architect at BMC. His charter at BMC is to develop innovative, BSM-focused products. Currently, he is spearheading the BSM dashboards, which offer a next-generation experience and access to BSM performance indicators. Before joining BMC, he co-founded Vincera Software, a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) company. Prior to that business venture, he architected a pivotal large scale, business-critical solution called Display Book for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).