People, Processes, and Technology Version 3: Podcast interview with Wiley Vasquez, Practice Manager for IT Process Consulting at BMC Software, Inc.



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People.  Processes. Technology. Still the basics of Business Service Management (BSM). But as more companies evolve and settle into BSM, new holes and service needs are being discovered, like the role of the Operational Architect. Join Wiley Vasquez, BMC Practice Manager for IT Process Consulting, as he discusses the gambit of new trends, available services, and best practices like ITIL Version 3.

In this podcast, Wiley discusses new concepts, like that of the IT organization as the operating system, and having a team of people create a workflow within an organization for how people, processes, and technology are the most effectively delivered. Management from various organizations have also expressed a need for guidance from BMC on topics like IT governance, IT process, and the IT service portfolio. Wiley discusses the BMC response, as well as delves into ITIL Version 3 and shares his experiences participating in the review process when this new version was developed. Listen to this podcast to hear about the latest trends and developments within BSM.



Wiley Vasquez is the Practice Manager for IT Process Consulting at BMC Software. Prior to that, he was Chief Services Architect for BMC On Demand and Managed Services and previous to that, he served as senior solution architect in the area of in Business Service Management and is one of the original members of the BMC BSM project team. Mr. Vasquez has more than seventeen years of experience in IT management services. Before joining BMC, Mr. Vasquez worked for a large IT services provider and an enterprise automation software vendor in various technical and management positions, ranging from software engineer and manager of large-scale automation services to practice manager of security consulting services in both government and commercial markets.