The Identity Management Expert: Podcast interview with Jeff Bohren, software architect for identity management at BMC Software, Inc.



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Most people who have VPN tunnels trip in and out of their perimeters numerous times each day. What they don't realize is that this could open up a back-door entry for "black-hat hackers" and lead to loss of all of their important data. That's when perimeters could spell trouble and become unreliable; that's also when you need to exercise a defensive depth and take security down to the level of the machines and systems. In this podcast, Jeff Bohren, software architect for the Identity Management business unit at BMC Software, Inc., discusses the concepts of de-perimeterization and quantum tunneling, and discusses current roadblocks to exercising "security-to-the-bone", even with the technological capability.

Jeff talks about perimeter security and how identity management can help thwart and combat phishing by taking security to the micro level; he also cites real-world examples to illustrate what is user-centric identity management. Jeff discusses the latest terminologies in this arena, like open space, infocard, and SPML, and the benefits associated with these, including the most significant one: the ability to get rid of numerous passwords. This podcast provides insight into the issues BMC is currently focused on in enhancing its already-feature-rich identity management suite, the views and philosophies Jeff shares with Kim Cameron and the concepts of provisioning and federation. And, you'll also learn about the upcoming user-centric interop event at which BMC will showcase the security capabilities of their WAN products.



Jeff Bohren is a software architect for the Identity Management business unit at BMC Software, where he specializes in provisioning and federation. He has 20 years of software product development and architecture experience, including over five years developing commercial identity management products. He has worked on various identity management standards such as WS-Trust, WS-Federation, SPML, and OATH. Jeff is currently co-chair for the OASIS Provisioning Services TC. He also serves as BMC's representative to Liberty and OpenAuthentication.Org. He holds Master's and Bachelor's degrees from the University of Florida in Science in Aerospace Engineering.