The Power of Simplicity: Podcast interview with Scott Sloan, solutions marketing manager for infrastructure and application managment for BMC Software.



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Just as today's enterprise is becoming more complicated than ever -- a mix of multiple platforms, vendor software, open source, mainframe, and distributed systems -- the quest for simplicity is becoming more important. Simplicity can mean the difference between an efficient and agile IT that provides great service, and an IT that is slow, costly, and ineffectual. Simplicity in managing your infrastructure can mean the difference between IT being a business drag or a business driver.

In this podcast interview, Scott Sloan, solutions marketing manager for infrastructure and application management for BMC Software, talks candidly about why it takes not just service level management, but unified service level management to drastically improve service quality and service responsiveness for the business. He also discusses ITIL, and why it is becoming such a cornerstone for global IT, about leveraging virtualization for the enterprise, and how the agent-based versus agentless debate may finally be settled. Join us as we talk with Scott Sloan about how simplicity rules in today's complex global IT environment.


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Scott Sloan is a Senior Manager in BMC Software's Solutions Marketing organization focusing on distributed database management and transaction management solutions. While at BMC the past 9+ years, he has held a variety of marketing positions based in the US and Europe. Prior to joining BMC, Scott worked as a systems integrator with Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) where he developed expertise in designing and building client/server applications. He has advanced degrees in business and Latin American studies.